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Medical Malpractice and Medical Errors in Houston, Texas

In what has becoming an alarming trend in the healthcare sector is the worrying increase in medical malpractice incidents despite increase in the use of technology in an effort to provide quality healthcare services to clients. At the Argento Law Firm, we have attorneys who will ensure that we help you or your loved ones to examine the circumstances of your situation to determine whether any damage caused by medical errors is recoverable right here in Houston.
According to a report by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2003, there were at least 44,000 people who die annually due to medical errors and as much as 98,000 which account for more deaths than AIDS, breast cancer or vehicle accidents. The errors causing such deaths may include misdiagnosis, medical malpractice such as administration of wrong drugs, wrong drug dosage, birth accidents and many more.
According tort bill in 2003, under the medical claims, the claim must be started within 2 years from the occurrence of the incident or hospitalization in Texas. Case filed on or after 1st September 2003 attract damage benefits to a total of $250,000 from doctors and all individuals involved, $ 250,000 from each facility and a total of $ 500,000 from all institutions. It’s time you got your case evaluated by an attorney.

What is Civil Litigation?

This is a legal dispute concerning 2 or more people businesses or entities which are seeking money damages or a certain performance instead of criminal sanctions. Civil litigation is the procedure through which all civil disputes are resolved in the court of law. Civil disputes include situations dealing with the relationships between various individuals which includes contract dispute or a marriage.

Normally civil litigation proceed through various distinct steps including pleading, discovery, trial which is followed by possibly an appeal, although the parties involved can stop this process at any time by voluntarily settling. In fact most civil lawsuits settle even before reaching trial. The most labor-intensive stage is the discovery stage and the discovery stage and your attorney will devote most of his time to research and preparation of the case before going to trial.

Civil lawsuit encompasses a very wide range of disputes and generally a civil litigation attorney can specialize in a maximum of two specific civil practice areas. So before hiring an attorney make sure you know his specific practice area. A civil litigation attorney will examine your case and help you determine whether you really have a claim or not. If you have a claim he will file your complaint and represent you in the court. But since most money damages are usually settled before trial, the decision to go to trial or settle lies with you. An attorney will manage your case until it’s settled or the trial is over

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