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What should be urgently done when beating (injuries) If a beating is inflicted on a Los Angeles citizen outside of places of detention, – record the beating in the emergency room If a citizen is held in the police, – to demand that the record of the detention of any injuries be recorded. Hire a Los Angeles criminal lawyer. Write a statement to the police or the prosecutor. It is better to clarify the text of the application and the body to which it is advisable to file such an application with a criminal lawyer. Minor injuries (beatings) Light bodily harm, is beatings that did not entail a short-term health disorder. Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C are a Los Angeles criminal law firm.

In single or systematic beatings, such actions can be regarded as crimes that qualify under art. 115-116 of the Criminal Code. Conditional measures, fine are applied, in a small number of cases – imprisonment may be threatened. Severe bodily harm (serious bodily harm) Severe damage to health and injury of moderate severity – injuries that resulted in long-term damage to health, more than 3 weeks. In most cases, such injuries are recorded by an ambulance traveling to the crime scene, or the emergency room doctors report such actions to the police station.

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