Employment Law

Bisnar Chase will stand by your side in articulating your employment rights at your workplace.
They deal with the following areas in the practice of employment law;
Discrimination in terms of race, sex, religion, disability. age and ethnicity.
Harassing employees sexually and creating an environment that is not conducive for workers on the grounds of sex discrimination. Bisnar Chase will not rest until they gather enough evidence in your case.
Wage and overtime payments. If your employer has refused to pay your wage or you are never given enough time for rest and full meals.
Being wrongfully terminated from work. it is very unlawful to fire employees based on age they haveabove 40yrs, their race, gender and many more protected characteristics.
In case you might have been injured at work you should be compensated.
Bisnar Chase is a very experienced in employment law firm in Los Angeles, and has a good record of having favorable results for his clients.

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