Media is mode of communication which helps to transfer the information, whereas media buying is a mode of advertising through some popular means of media. Media buying is all about purchasing the advertising space of a website & the media that will host a potential advertiser’s products. The media of promotion has to be all the rage and should be related.
The media could be a website, advertising space could be as well purchased from a network of websites.
For buying a media a media buyer is obligatory, media buyer is the person to be the link between the publisher and the advertiser. Media buyer is responsible for advertising time or space, trying to get the most favourable buys in terms of programming or environment and price. He or she is responsible for making sure that the advertising runs as planned and bought. The media buyer could work as an affiliate network. One can hire a media buying agency to buy media from different place and help to set up campaigns and monitor it. The fee for this is usually 15% of your advertising spends.
As for instance suppose there is some renowned website ‘A’ and purchasing a space from that website to promote some goods and services is the media buying.
Applications of Media Buying

  1. If someone is just starting an online business or looking for a way to increase traffic and sales then media buying could rally round a lot. The important thing is to make sure media buying is used in the way that will produce the greatest return on investment. A few common marketing tactics are CPM (cost per metric), PPC (pay per click), CPV (cost per view) and banner advertising. Many people find that banner advertising, which is purchased as advertising units, produces some of their best results.
  2. There are several benefits to using banner advertising as an important avenue of media buying. Anyone who has attempted to market their business is aware of how important the quality of traffic is to the website. That means the targeted customers should have an interest in the product or service offered. It certainly wouldn’t benefit anyone to target women’s beauty products on a website dedicated to electronic gadgets. Banner ads allow target audience for the most cost effective campaign. Ad is seen by potential customers even if they don’t click on it. This tends to reinforce the name, logo and product in their mind. The next time they see same banner they are familiar with it and more likely to look for more information.
  3. Using media buying budget for banner advertising also allows measuring results more efficiently. The data that can be returned are things such as what is audience’s pattern is what area of the world they are from, what ad size gets the most results and which ads generate sales. This allows one to tweak ads to improve overall success.

Media Buying Sites
Few media buying sites are:-

  1. Ad Pepper (based on CPA )
  2. Ad Dynamix (based on CPM )
  3. 24-7 Real Media (based on CPM )
  4. Adconion (based on CPM, CPC, CPA )

Media buying can spawn a huge traffic if we hit the right target media, then great revenue can be generated. It is one of the thriving modes of the affiliate marketing.