Sports injury

Athletes tend to be very prone to experiencing sports injuries. Athletes regularly put their bodies under immense physical strain so it is inevitable that this can result in a sports injury. However, it is not just professional athletes who obtain sports injuries; with many more people now taking active measures to get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, sports injuries have become more and more common amongst those simply doing their weekly or daily exercises.

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

The aim of physiotherapy for sports injuries is to improve the movements of muscles, limbs and joint. Physiotherapy for sports injuries does not just involve one, cure-all method. There are many different techniques available; different methods are appropriate for different sports injuries.

At The Body Clinic, we treat patients who are suffering from both new, or acute, sports injuries as well as patients who have ongoing, chronic problems. As qualified sports injury physiotherapists, we carry out a complete assessment of your sports injuries to fully understand the cause, the location and the symptoms. This helps us to decide on that best treatment plan for your sports injuries.

Treatments for Sports Injuries

There are a whole range of different types of treatments that can be used for healing sports injuries. Physiotherapists at The Body Clinic treat patients of all ages and abilities which means that our knowledge of sports injuries reaches the full length of the spectrum. It is common for a number of different treatments to be used to assist in the healing process of many sports injuries.

* Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation

When sports injuries cause joints to stiffen up joint mobilisation can help to restore movement.

Joint manipulation is used on particularly stiff joints and is a firmer treatment which often makes joints pop or click during the procedure.

* Acupuncture

Acupuncture works by boosting the level of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural painkillers which can ease the discomfort of any aches and pains caused by sports injuries.

* Massage

Physiotherapy massage can be used to identify and ease painful knots within soft, sensitive bodily tissues for patients suffering from sports injuries. Physiotherapy massage includes deep tissue massage, trigger point releases, muscle energy techniques and friction massage.

* Electrotherapy

At The Body Clinic we only use electrotherapy when it is needed as it is only a successful treatment when used on sports injuries that have occurred within the last two or three weeks. This is when bodily tissues are still inflamed and will respond to electrotherapy. Electrotherapy treatment incorporates ultrasound, interferential and short wave diathermy and TENS machine therapy.