Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers in Los Angeles

When you are a same-sex couple it can be difficult to find representation that isn’t judgmental. You want to get married, and you want to have the same rights as other couples, but not everyone sees it that way. For honest representation call Whitmarsh Family Law a family law firm in Los Angeles that is all inclusive. This law firm has been helping same-sex couples with their family law matters for over a decade. Whitmarsh Family Law also understands that you may be coming into this marriage with some pretty valuable assets, whether they be monetary or sentimental value. And just like any other couple you should have the right to protect those assets in case the relationship ends. Let their Los Angeles same-sex prenuptial agreement lawyers help you in this instance. You need a lawyer that is going to draft up a fool proof prenuptial agreement.


Prenuptial agreements are not only to protect your assets, but it can also be used to help spell out the responsibilities of the marriage. Some Los Angeles couples use their prenuptial agreements to outline how one party may be responsible for helping one get through their education, or how one may quit their job to raise their children, how much money each party is expected to contribute to their savings account, and who get to manage the joint bank accounts. To know exactly what can and cannot be added to a prenuptial agreement it is a great idea to sit down with Whitmarsh Family Law and have them explain the process.

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