The benefits of truck accident law firm in Rio Rancho

Trucking companies are obligated by law to obey strict regulations and safety procedures to ensure the safety of their drivers and all other drivers on the road.
Truck Accidents and Injuries
One of the most frequent mistakes trucking companies makes setting unrealistic or arduous deadlines, causing truck driver fatigue. This can lead to accidents on the road because a sleepy driver cannot possibly remain alert enough to operate a 5-ton truck safely.

Another cause for truck driver accidents involves improper training. It can lead to dangerous driver errors on the road and put other drivers in danger as well.

More causes of trucking accidents include speeding, distracted driving (i.e., eating, phone calls, text messages, etc.), inadequate truck inspections, unbalanced cargo, overloaded cargo, and lack of safety maintenance.

After a Truck Accident

When a truck driver on the road injures an innocent driver or pedestrian, certain actions will take place immediately. First, the trucking company will immediately send their attorneys, investigators, and insurance adjusters to the scene of the accident. They do this to collect statements (always say no comment!), persuade you to not hire a lawyer, and to minimize your claim. Afterward, trucking companies, or their insurance adjusters, will try to delay the claim as long as possible in hopes that the claimant becomes frustrated and gives up.

This is why it is vital to hire a Caruso Law Offices, PC truck accident attorney in Rio Rancho, if ever hurt in a motor vehicle accident. In the case that you do, at the same scene, your injury lawyers will show up immediately to investigate and collect evidence: such as pictures, black box information, and more. They will further their investigation by investigating maintenance records on the truck, truck driver driving history, and more. They remain aggressive against adjusters trying to minimize your claim! So don’t wait, hire the services of Caruso Law Offices, PC to avoid further loose.


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