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The Law Office of David A Martin& Associates, a family law firm in Sacramento. Divorce refers to the termination of marriage and it
always depends on the bonds of matrimony between married couples under the
rules of law of the country of residence. Divorce laws always vary from one
country to the other but in most countries, it requires the authority in the
legal process or sanction of a court of law which may involve issues of spousal
support, child visitation, distribution of properties, parenting time among
After Divorce, a man or a woman who was initially married
has the authority to marry again or to be married. Grounds at which divorce
takes place varies from one country to the other but the inability of one spouse to
carry out obligations which are well stipulated in the marriage contract may
precipitate ground for divorce for the other partner.

Despite the fact that the divorce laws vary majorly
between jurisdiction, there two approaches to divorce which are always basic.
These approaches are no-fault based and fault-based. Even though some
jurisdictions do not require a party to claim any fault of their spouse, the
court of law can still consider how the partners have been behaving when
dividing property.

In conclusion, the main courses for divorce in marriage
are adultery, drugs addiction, work holism, midlife crisis, domestic violence,
extramarital sex and finally infidelity among the partners who are married.

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