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Hance & Srinivasan, a lawyer with years of experience as a Louisville personal injury lawyer. Since the beginning of advocacy, she has been successfully engaged in international law issues and has led the company’s specialization areas: civil and international law, inheritance and family matters, and criminal proceedings. Having an impeccable reputation among colleagues and clients, truck accident attorney Louisville who is responsible for the result in particularly complex and confidential affairs with the participation of famous cultural, sports and political figures.

Their advantages Strategy – the key to success! They develop an individual protection strategy for their clients.

Services Basic road accident services Legal services for related categories of cases Urgent departure to the accident site Building a line of defense in cases involving administrative offenses Appealing unfair court decisions Dispute resolution with insurance companies

Developing a lawyer the correct line of defense in open criminal proceedings at all stages (inquiry, preliminary investigation, etc.), mitigation of punishment Representation of a client’s interests in court regarding compensation of material and moral damage due to a traffic accident Recovery of funds for damage from the perpetrator of the accident Refusal of medical examination Pedestrian crossing Fatal in case of an accident Assistance in disputes about deprivation of driving licenses in other cases. Be sure to hire Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC as your personal injury law firm in Louisville.

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