Workers Compensation

Workers compensation law is a legal system in which any employee is incurring an injury on the job is eligible to receive payment or insurance from the employer. The law entitles the injured worker with:

Compensation of medical expenses and recovery from the injury Compensation for lost wages and time at workCareer rehabilitation servicesTemporary job for the victim to do until they healBenefits to dependants (in the case of death)The aim of the law is to provide workers with the healthiest, safest, and fastest road to recovery and get them back to working condition at the same level as they did before the occurrence of the incident and to provide support for themselves and their family.
Also, the law also acts as a protection to employers and businesses from having to pay massive losses in expensive lawsuits. There are no costly court proceedings involved, as most compensation cases are resolved in the administrative tribunal and let the employee get back to work sooner while lowering the cost and risk of any legal proceedings against the company.

An important aspect of workers compensation law is that negligence is not given an important role unlike other personal injury cases, in which the victims need to prove first that the fault lies with the defendant for the damage done due to negligence.

It is irrelevant whose fault it was, or who behaved incorrectly, for which the injury occurred, and it is these reasons that most businesses are required to have insurance. It, however, needs to be noted that a successful workers comp claim is not as cut and dried as it sounds. Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys at Tuchin Law are here to help you.

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