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Lotze Mosley, LLP Washington D.C. fraud lawyers are well aware that even the best and largest business is not insured today from criminal cases investigated under Criminal Code. There are cases when criminal cases are initiated by the order of competitors, serious money is paid for it. I know a very wealthy person who went for interrogations to the investigator with a plastic bag for a month.

The bag had warm socks and a tracksuit: he didn’t really believe my words that he wouldn’t be threatened with an arrest in a criminal case on fraud. The man was in the status of a witness and he had the best choice – he could easily stay abroad, however, he returned to Moscow, and without complaint came to interrogations, really expecting that he was about to be arrested. Nevertheless, my prediction as a lawyer in fraud cases was fully confirmed by the further course of the investigation. If you need a fraud defense lawyer contact Washington D.C lawyers Lotze Mosley, LLP.

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