Slip & Fall Lawyers in Raleigh

When people think of premises liability they tend to think of slip and fall accidents. While premises liability does include slip and fall accidents, they are not the only accidents that are in this category. Since they are so much more common though, that is what we will be talking about today and how a Raleigh slip and fall lawyer can be someone you can call. Have you ever been at a hotel and seen a yellow fold up sign that told you to be careful because the floor was wet? Well that sign was put there in order to protect themselves in case a guest at the hotel slipped on the wet floor and hurt themselves. It is there to protect the guests from getting hurt as well, but it is mainly there to protect that Raleigh hotel from being held liable for the injury the person may suffer from.


Slip and fall accidents are so dangerous because they can really cause some harm. Depending on how the person falls, they could end up with a brain injury, spinal cord injury, major bruising, and sometimes even broken bones. These injuries are ones that have to be taken seriously, and these injuries can also be extremely expensive. Which is why it could be helpful to call Roberts & Harris PC a personal injury law firm in Raleigh. They will do what they can to get you the compensation that you are in need of. Compensation would be used to pay for your medical bills and your lost wages from the injuries caused by this slip and fall accident.

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